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Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

Looking for last minute costume ideas?
Posted: October 10, 2018 by Danielle Hage

Halloween is just three weeks away and if you are a chronic costume procrastinator, look no further, we have you covered! 

Click on an image for instructions or more information.

A PINEAPPLE: A yellow dress, green tissue paper or cardstock paper, a headband and hot glue.

Via Diary of a Debutante

A BANK ROBBER: A striped tee, black beanie, black jeans, old white pillow case (or white canvas tote bag), a black sharpie and black eye mask.  

Via DIY Joy

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS: A yellow dress, basket, faux lemons and a name tag!

Via Southern Living

A PARTY ANIMAL: Animal mask, party hat, and noise maker (throw in some Mardi Gras beads, too)!

Via Good House Keeping 

CACTUS PLANT: Tan pants or skirt, a green sweater, white yarn, and pink tulle!

Via Shrimp Salad Circus

THE DOS EQUIS MAN: Suit or suit jacket, white shirt, white hair paint and an adult beverage!


THE BRAWNY MAN: A paid shirt, roll of paper towels and some hair gel.

Via Pinterest

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