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Relationships in Real Estate

Posted: June 02, 2021 by Kira Taylor

Entering into a real estate transaction is often one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Who you choose to embark on that journey with can make a huge difference in the overall experience.


 Real Estate is more than just buying or selling property. It is a long term commitment, as well as your largest financial investment. But before you start your Google search on finding your perfect home, let’s first begin with finding your perfect agent. 


Choosing a REALTOR to guide you on your home buying or home selling experience is crucial. The relationship between Agent and Consumer starts from the beginning.  It’s important to interview agents to make sure they’re a fit. Experience definitely matters. Having an agent who has been involved in multiple deals gives you as a Buyer or Seller an edge. An experienced agent has finely honed skills that benefit you. When they have been involved in multiple home sales, they have seen a thing or two and know a thing or two. Almost anything can come up during a real estate transaction and a savvy, experienced agent can almost always get you through any sticky situation.


 Trust is the most important component in choosing your perfect REALTOR. An agent that will be honest with you, sit down with you and hear your wants, needs and advise you based on YOUR criteria. Your perfect REALTOR will also set realistic and honest expectations for you. The buying and selling process can bring on a full range of emotions and building a close relationship with your REALTOR will definitely help you manage the emotional roller coaster of real estate. 


For me, the absolute best part of any real estate transaction is the relationship I nurture and continue even after the closing. I love being able to pick up the phone and have a real, heartfelt conversation with my clients months or years after the sale. I love it when they get a new puppy and text me photos. Or they find out they are expecting a baby and invite me to the baby shower. Stopping by their home during the Holidays and visiting with them and seeing the memories they are making in their home. That’s what a true relationship in real estate is all about. As an agent, I am not just an advisor… I am a friend, a confidant, a new baby holder, and a new puppy snuggler.

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