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Please help us welcome Marc Warshawsky to our Coldwell Banker family! Main Photo

Please help us welcome Marc Warshawsky to our Coldwell Banker family!

We are excited to have him join us!
Posted: September 10, 2019 by Margaret Lange

Marc recently relocated to Summit County, Colorado from Austin, Texas where he lived for over 20 years. Moving to the mountains full time was a dream come true.  Before making the move, Marc owned several investment properties in Summit County and vacationed often; hiking, biking, skiing, and imagining the day when he and his wife could be in the mountains full time. That day finally arrived and their new mantra became: let's just do it, let's BE IN THE MOUNTAINS! 

With that in mind, Marc moved his successful real estate business from Austin where he had been practicing for almost 15 years, to Summit County, Colorado. Marc's greatest desire is to help you realize your mountain dreams, whether it’s to be in the mountains full time, part-time, or simply to reap the benefits of investing in one of the most dynamic real estate markets anywhere. 

Before getting into real estate, Marc spent many years in the computer industry as an engineer and senior marketing executive where he developed and launched products, negotiated business deals, performed detailed market analysis, traveled extensively internationally and ran several multi-million dollar businesses. This background enabled Marc to develop a unique set of skills and experience necessary to build a successful career in real estate.
Once Marc made the move to real estate, he found another industry to love and quickly became successful in the Austin market where he worked both as a real estate agent and broker-manager of over 100 hard-working agents. As in most endeavors, you learn from experience, and suffice to say - managing over 100 real estate agents greatly accelerated the learning curve!

Fast forward to the present where after twenty wonderful years in Austin, Marc and his wife Rebecca made the move to the mountains in Summit County for the lifestyle and because, well being in the mountains is quite simply amazing - we absolutely love it. If you are reading this, you probably do as well. 

Marc is a trusted, knowledgeable, business savvy, experienced real estate professional who can answer most of your real estate questions - and knows where to get answers for those he cannot. As a philosophy, Marc embraces certain core values and principles including win-win or no deal, do the right thing, and customers always come first. Understanding that buying or selling real estate can be an emotional and stressful experience, Marc’s goal is to help make the experience as smooth, enjoyable, stress-free and successful as possible. So, whether your goals are to be in the mountains full time or part-time Marc can help make your dreams come true!

As an aspiring jazz musician, Marc did undergraduate work at NYU in music, Miles Davis being his hero. He has a BSEE from Columbia University and a Masters Degree in Acoustics from Penn State. 

Marc has been happily married for over 30 years. He and his wife Rebecca have 4 kids and a bunch of grandkids - all happy, healthy and doing great. They both enjoy a healthy lifestyle including hiking, biking, skiing, exploring in the mountains, music, reading good books, wine, and great food. Life is good ... especially in the mountains! 

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