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14 Great End of Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids Main Photo

14 Great End of Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids

Posted: August 23, 2019 by Sara Hoodicoff

The end of summer is quickly approaching—and depending on where you live, the older kids may have already gone back to school. This time of year tends to be bittersweet (at least for us). Fall can be gorgeous—and we know you’re all looking forward to the new prints we’ll be releasing in a few months ;). That being said, saying farewell to the warm months and relaxed summer schedule is hard. So hard!
In an effort to savor what’s left, we’ve put together a list of everything we’re trying to enjoy before Labor Day—and we'd love to share it with you! Here are 14 great end of summer activities to put on your bucket list this August.
Make playdoh. Let’s be honest—playdoh can get messy in the house! Take this activity outside—while it’s still warm—and encourage the kids to let loose (who are we kidding…they probably don’t need any encouragement!). Even better—make your own doh. It’s super easy (just check out this recipe here).
Fingerpaint. Again, this is an activity that lends itself to outdoor play. Strip down the kiddos, invest in some big newsprint, and let them get messy.
Turn on that sprinkler. Is there anything more joyful than running through a spray of water when it’s so hot outside? This could possibly be one of the easiest—and best—activities out there.
Organize a mom date. It can be hard to get one of these on the calendar (we know, we know—everyone’s schedule is crazy!). But spending time with your girlfriends can do a wonder for the soul. Carve out a few hours for dinner, coffee, or even just a walk.
Plan one-on-one time with each child. Got two, three, or more children? Make a “date” with each of them.
Make an ice cream date with your kiddos. Do your research to find the best local creamery—and pick your favorite flavor. Not feeling that ambitious? The ice cream truck is a simple local alternative—and it’s always a big hit for the littles.
Find a local pool. This may have already been part of your summer rotation. That being said, there’s something to be said for really savoring those last pool days.
Try camping in your backyard. Maybe you didn’t make it to a campsite this summer, but there’s still time to pitch a tent in the backyard. Your kids will barely notice the difference!
Take a bike ride with a destination. Instead of just making your neighborhood loop, plan a fun end-point for your trip (think a playground or that ice cream shop we mentioned up above).
Hit the beach. Got a baby? No worries—you can still enjoy the sand and sun. In fact, we’ve got a great list that will help you prep for beach time with baby. Speaking of that beach trip, bring a plastic bag and find some beautiful shells—it’s the perfect activity to keep toddlers busy. Once you’re home, take the time to clean them out (here’s a great tutorial). Your littles will love this unique reminder of the summer—you can even turn them into some pretty fantastic crafts!
Build a sandcastle. You can take care of this on your beach trip, or find a sandbox and some pails—it doesn’t need to be fancy!
Go for a picnic. Again, this doesn’t need to be fancy—pack a lunch and take it to your local park (or even the backyard!). Make sure to include watermelon and lemonade.
Take a nature walk. Find a local conservancy, park, or even the beach. Got a little who’s stroller-aged? Don’t forget to pack your Covered Goods®—it’s the perfect shield against sun and bugs. If you’re looking for a fun scavenger hunt, download a Geocaching app—your kids will love what you kind find right in your own neighborhood.
Unplug. Put down the phone, iPad, and computer (well, right after you finish reading this post), and take the time to enjoy your kiddos—really enjoy them. Fireflies, family and fun—it’s what summer’s all about.
by: Covered Goods

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